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Feefo provides a straight forward service: we ask your verified customers what they think of the service and products experienced. What happens to this information next is where the power lies!

Ratings submitted to Google attract more traffic to your site; reviews shown on pages influence buyers and reporting on customer satisfaction allows you to understand what makes your customers delighted.

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What Makes Feefo Different?

Feefo collects customer feedback on behalf of some of the world’s leading brands. This is why:

Trusted Globally

Trust Globally

Only genuine customers are invited to leave feedback – avoiding the pitfalls of fake reviews

Valuable Insights

Valuable Insights

Measure feedback to understand how you can continue to deliver great products and great service

More Traffic, More Sales

More Traffic

Because of Feefo’s relationship with Google, Yahoo and Bing, your ads can display stars giving your campaigns more punch. With our trusted reviews integrated at a product level, consumers are influenced increasing sales

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Demonstrate great customer service to impress prospects. Happy customers are encourgaed to share their reviews with their social networks

Here are the Benefits
of Feefo’s Award-Winning Service

Experience an Increase in CTR

Gopak asked Digital Agency ThoughtShift to investigate the power of Feefo’s service. The results are impressive: Gopak identified an increase in their AdWords Campaign Click Through Rate of 29%

Such a Return On Investment can make the use of Feefo cost neutral very quickly.

Grow Sales and Value per Customer

Monarch Airlines, the first airline to generate and publish customer feedback, saught to understand the benefits from Feefo. Displaying the Service Rating from Feefo increased the quantity of sales by 2.9% and the revenue per customer by 3%.

Gain Valuable Customer Insights

Men’s outfitter Charles Tyrwhitt uses Feefo daily. For the directors it is a chance to understand what the customer experiences, rather than what their managers see. Such insight, particularly from negative reviews, is used to make decisions on product selection, quality improvements and customer service requirements.

Social Proof – Engage Online

Hiscox recognises the importance of consumer voice for online transactions for the financial services industry. Feefo has been employed to underpin the enablement of consumers interacting with the brand.

Through Feefo, consumers voice their satisfaction with Hiscox. This gives a clear indication of service quality, and provides Social Proof to potential customers.

Effective Feedback Solution

Quirky retailer Cuckooland spent a year trying to source its own reviews, only acheiving 90 during this time. Feefo was saught out because of the need for a secure, honest review platform that would deliver the results it had strived for.

Within 3 months of adopting Feefo, Cuckooland had received 350 genuine customer feedbacks, something the retailer is proud of, a Service Rating of 97%.

Travel Review Supplier of Choice

Reviews drive sales within Travel. Feefo has quickly become the leading force in Genuine Customer Feedback for the world’s leading travel brands.

Expedia,, on the Beach, Travelzoo, Hays, Tots 2 Travel… (the list truly goes on!) all rely on Feefo to generate customer feedback to listen to and engage with customers, and enhance the customer experience.

Feefo. A simple and effective
service you can trust



A customer makes a purchase from your website, your store or venue and Feefo invites them to leave feedback



The customer responds via a secure link, protecting the validity of the review



Ratings and Reviews are displayed on your website, influencing consumers while choosing purchases



Ratings, submitted to Google, are used in PPC campaigns to improve SEM and get more traffic to your site.

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  • Genuine customer feedback
  • Customer engagement platform
  • Customer satifaction trends
  • Actionable business intelligence
  • Trusted by the world’s leading brands

Whatever your reason for
gathering reviews, Feefo provides:

  • GENUINE customer feedback
  • Online and offline feedback solutions
  • A customer engagement platform
  • Service and product feeds to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Simple integration at a product level
  • A service that is second to none

With a scaleable service, use of Feefo will start where you are at and grow as you grow!

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